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Just Drone It EU

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Just Drone It EU

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    I provide innovative content through FPV racing drones.

    I produce, film, edit and deliver quality moving images for broadcasters, brands and all media platforms. In Netherlands or international, contact me to work together.

    FPV stands for First Person View. This technique has been named due to the unique way the drone is flown using FPV goggles. It is a drone flying technique that evolved out of drone racing, and it is all about capturing epic footage from a HD camera mounted on an FPV racing quadcopter.

    FPV offers totally unique content that never ceases to amaze. Our FPV drones can reach faster speeds than your standard drone and can make both indoor and outdoor shots, introduce flips, rolls, power-loops to your footage, undertake proximity flights, and hit those tight gaps. Watching the footage you feel like a bird soaring through landscapes and diving down skyscrapers or cliffs. #vi_dron

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