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Piotrekz Productions

Piotrekz Productions

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Piotrekz Productions

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    Opis kanału:

    My name is Piotr and I am a content creator based in Poland with a huge love for basketball.

    I am bringing you the highest quality NBA mixtapes, professionally edited basketball highights, motivational videos and entertainment content.

    All of my videos are created by me primarely using the editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and of course Adobe Photoshop.
    I write the stories, create cinematic sequences with special video and sound effects and I make mini movies on professional basketball players.

    I create my videos with one purpose in mind - to bring value to basketball fans around the world.
    I always try to create high quality and unique content and I want to make a mark in the sports social media.

    Clients within FIBA, RNS, DUNK ELITE, SPALDING, BKFC, CEBL and more

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