Evelina Forsell

Evelina Forsell

Evelina Forsell

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Evelina Forsell
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    Hello everyone! ☆
    My name is Evelina, I\'m a 26 year old girl from Sweden.
    My big passion in life is beauty and when I studied to become a make up artist the year 2014 I uploaded my first makeup tutorial here on Youtube as a school project. After that I was hooked and now I upload regularly. On my channel you can see loads of different makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, beauty tips and also more personal videos.

    I\'m not afraid to stand out from the crowd and I love to surprise and shock people. I look exactly how I want to look and hope to inspire you all to be you a 100%.
    If you enjoy me and my content I hope you subscribe to my youtube journey! xo :*

    Instagram: evelina.forsell

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