Calisthenics & Weight Training

Calisthenics & Weight Training

Calisthenics & Weight Training

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Calisthenics & Weight Training
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    Calisthenics, Fitness, Bodyweight Training, Plyometrics, Weight Training, Hybrid etc. HOME/GYM/PARK Workouts & Motivation. ENJOY Training & keep going. WELCOME to the Channel & THANKS for subscribing!

    Athlete & Coach/Trainer with 25-30 years of Training Experience.

    Philosophy to always do GREAT, EFFECTIVE & ENJOYABLE Training and Workouts, no matter if it\'s in the Gym, in the Park or in the living Room - and no matter if it\'s with Weights/Equipment or not. Always be able and ready for a Workout, do the best you can with what you have! I like to train for overall Athleticism.

    For me, great Results come from Joy & Passion in a long term Consistency, Dedication and Discipline. Find your way and stay active, enjoy what you do and you will always keep going!

    I hope to give Inspiration and Motivation to Exercise, stay active and enjoy it!


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