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Anime Beta

Anime Beta

Anime Beta

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Anime Beta
  • ilość subskrypcji: 699000
  • ilość opublikowanych filmów: 5
  • ilość wyświetleń: 26472

    Opis kanału:

    Welcome, To Anime Beta!! We Strive To Be Your #1 Anime Source Provider.
    ( ̄▽ ̄)/ We Mostly Focus On Current Airing Anime Shows. (BG Music is from Rena Mikuni)

    We explain and review anime in our own unique way to help you understand better~
    - Our Production for a single video takes 3 days... with around 8 people in our team.
    - We Choose interesting shows to explain in the most suitable way to our updated anime-lover audiences.
    - Various writers from around the world writes in the most comedic way to make it easy for you to consume.
    - We go through everything throughout the entire script and video editing, ensuring no errors.
    - Our wholesome narrators will narrate the script in the most epic way possible.

    We work hard to make sure we produce quality content :)
    If you try to steal anything from this channel, we\'ll do the same with yours 10 folds.
    We may issue copyright takedowns if you direct steal our videos/thumbnails. We also have complete protection on voice, visual & artworks.

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