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Statystyki kanału Valdemar

  • ilość subskrypcji: 930
  • ilość opublikowanych filmów: 4
  • ilość wyświetleń: 125642

    Opis kanału:

    Hi, it\'s Valdemar, your new favorite YouTuber

    I wasn\'t uploading for years because.. it just took me some time to learn English properly :)

    It was always my dream to create high quality content, talk about things not many people talk or discuss and analyze usual topics but in a totally different way.

    YouTube nowadays is kinda dying in my opinion. More and more channels appear but they\'re just copying each other in a race for money, views and popularity. Less and less quality and original content appears at the same time with really new ideas and valuable knowledge.

    Join me on this epic YouTube journey to see something new!

    We are only at the very beginning.


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