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    I\'m a guy who at the age of 14 started making silly animations for fun. They never turned out the way I wanted to, as most things do at that age and in general, really. But I kept going because I was having fun, and other people seemed to be having fun too. It was an alright way to spend time between classes on my school laptop. But after a while, things got more complicated. YouTube\'s character limit prevents me from elaborating, so for details regarding the matter, I point you to my goodbye video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0q-T4uBa9o

    As of June 2021, I have officially left YouTube. I have finally concluded that there is nothing here for me. I\'m far from done, though. I still believe that my best stories are yet untold and that I will find the means of telling them and garner an audience for them. But not here. This is a channel for my teenage self\'s beginner mistakes, and changing that would take far more effort than just starting over.

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