Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu

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Zhen Gongfu
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    Opis kanału:

    We would like to share with you all Master Mu Yuchun\'s skills, knowledge, wisdom, experience and the way he delivers information to us.

    First of all, it\'s information about health and the ways to improve it. The knowledge is unique. With Master\'s permission, we gradually reveal it. Master himself and the energy he shares encourage us to create these videos.

    This channel is about traditional Chinese massage, philosophy, martial arts, calligraphy, painting, Chinese cuisine.

    These are the things that we practice a lot and that we can never get enough.

    Very unusual, extraordinary and useful for health exercises are demonstrated by Master Mu Yuchun and his pupils.

    Zhen Gongfu is a tradition based on ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, philosophy and practices for health improvement, delivered by a genuine keeper Master Mu Yuchun.

    The term Zhen Gongfu means \"Pure, true, genuine art, skill\" - the basic principle of proper human inner growth.

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